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Why I Love Glitter

You can never go wrong with glitter! Glitter is something we specialize in and are passionate about! Here are some fun facts about our glitter:

  • It adds just enough little “umph” to a shirt to stand out and make it a unique shirt
  • It doesn’t come off in the wash!
  • We have a lot of glitter colors to choose from so you can go with “more subtle glitter” or “all out sparkle”
  • We can put almost everything in glitter
  • Silver is our sparkliest glitter color
  • White is our most subtle glitter color
  • Add a name and number to the back of a shirt to get the most surface area of glitter!

Billboard Tees-The New Trend

You’ve seen it–the girls walking around in yoga pants and this oversized jersey shirt with a name stretched out on the back. And of course you want one! I want one, they’re really cute. And being a college student, I see them a lot. The good news is, Sparkly Tees is here to help! We can put whatever you want on the back of the billboard tee. We like to put school names on the back of the shirts because we work so closely with the Clark County School District (CCSD).


Here we have a Shadow Ridge High School billboard tee with “Shadow Ridge Mustangs” written in silver glitter vinyl.



This one is a Centennial High School billboard tee. Bulldogs are their mascot. We also included a breast cancer awareness ribbon because we made these pink billboard tees in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.



Here we have a close up of the Arbor View High School logo featured on the front of the Billboard Tee.



And here are the backs of the Arbor View High School shirt and Desert Oasis High School shirt!




Now you don’t have to go with solid pink. We just made a lot of solid pink billboard tees in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. When I was going through inventory, I came across some red sheer billboard tees with a hood. Now those shirts were really cool. And we can put anything on the back. Not part of a school? We could put your company name on the back. Or just your name!


You can check out the billboard tees we have in our store and you can email us at sales@sparklytees.com so we can get your order rolling! Don’t worry if your school isn’t on our store. We do custom orders!




Fun Things We’ve Done

Here’s some fun stuff we’ve done! These are also some great gift ideas you can check out.


These are some stuffed animals we’ve embroidered for a friend! These make perfect gifts for someone with young kids. They are the cutest stuffed animals! We can embroider any name on them. It’s a great keepsake for a new mom!




Glitter vinyl meets embroidery! This adds a little extra “umph” to shirts! We made this for our cute friend for her fifth birthday! She loves Minnie Mouse! Consider doing embroidery and glitter on your next custom order!




Volunteers deserve shirts too! Rhinestones are a great sparkle alternative!




Of course you should check out this awesome work out shirt! This would be perfect for a Lord of the Rings fan.




Are you a runner or know someone who loves running 5Ks? We have designs for that too! We can also do designs for 10Ks, half marathons, and full marathons.



Here’s another picture of our Arbor View High School wrestling design we made this week. Notice how we have a glitter design and a vinyl design. We don’t always have to do glitter vinyl!

IMG_6266 IMG_6265


Let’s talk about shirt for a minute. Even though we have a lot of pictures of designs on 100% cotton Gildan or Port&Co shirts, there are tons of different shirts to choose from. I just went through all our inventory and unearthed some pretty nice shirts. We have eco-friendly shirts, V-necks, scoop necks, pink and blue shirts, and even some polo shirts! Don’t just stick to crew necks and heavy cotton!

Check out our store! We have a lot of great designs in glitter vinyl or rhinestones. These make some fantastic gifts and of course you can always shop for yourself!

Wrap Up Week December 14th-18th

We had a pretty busy week! Let’s wrap up!


We made a shirt for a family friend for Christmas. We put this Captain America shield on a white and heather charcoal V-neck shirt. The Captain America shield is made from rhinestones. Look how they sparkle!



We also made some really great Arbor View High School wrestling team shirts! These are made from red and silver glitter vinyl. We put them on a lace tee. The laces are interchangeable and you can pick from different colors of laces. The shirts have long sleeves and hoods.




Not only did we put this wrestling design on a shirt but we also put it on a tote bag! Tote bags are a great variation to shirts!




Check out our Cadwallader Coyotes shirts! You can show your Cadwallader pride and your sparkle with these shirts! Don’t go to Cadwallader? Don’t worry! We do custom orders!


12360119_10153922328093706_334191838256253395_n 11214369_10153922328148706_1735877286051142035_n


Have an idea for a design you want on a shirt? Email us at sales@sparklytees.com and check out our store! And don’t forget! We have a sale going on for holiday shirts and aprons! Enter promo code HOLIDAY at check out to receive a 10% discount! The sale ends today!

LOVE Baseball (glitter options versus rhinestones)

We have a fun design on our store called LOVE Baseball.  You can see the design here.  We enjoy making the design and have customized this design using several school names, and most recently a last name!  The nice thing about using glitter to make this design is the capability to customize the text to fit the needs of the client and make the design personal.

For example in this design you can find here, the only options we can easily offer are precut numbers to put on the design as the cost of cutting out names for each client would be cost prohibitive for the customer. This design is still fun and personal but not quite to the level of personalization seen below.

I heart baseball #

But with the LOVE Baseball design, you can see that with the glitter being a vinyl, we can cut the vinyl into the name or school of your choice.  Vinyl is designed to be creative and provide options!  You can see from the pictures below that we can create lots of varieties of the same design but make them unique for the customer!

This customer personalized her design with her family's last name!

This customer personalized her design with her family’s last name!

This design takes a nice twist as it is a softball instead of a baseball and is on a gray shirt!

This design takes a nice twist as it is a softball instead of a baseball and is on a gray shirt!

The customer chose a fun long sleeve tee with lace up neckline to add some character to this fun design.

The customer chose a fun long sleeve tee with lace up neckline to add some character to this fun design.

These two clients chose to put their child's number on the baseball to make it extra special.

These two clients chose to put their child’s number on the baseball to make it extra special.

With the name of the school, laces, and number in glitter and the ball and mascot solid, the glitter really pops on this black tee!

With the name of the school, laces, and number in glitter and the ball and mascot solid, the glitter really pops on this black tee!



Gymnastics Meet

We were invited to have a booth at the Vitaly Scherbo Invitational, a gymnastics meet here in Vegas. We have sold at other events before but this would be our first gymnastics meet. We decided to bring our industrial heat press and use our glitter vinyl and press them on the shirt while the customer waits. We created eight designs and precut each design prior to the event. Customers selected their design and their shirt, which we had in several different colors.

Gymnastics meet 1011099_10152227514688706_317858269_n

Another great way we displayed our designs are with mannequins. We brought the whole family to the event and had shirts on all of them!

Got Chalk? By far our most popular was the Got Chalk design. A gymnastics take on Got Chalk was just what the crowd wanted. We also created some “gymnastics mom” shirts which were a hit as well.

One thing that we are going to do next year is make sure we have shirts that match each gym’s colors. Gymnasts are not too keen on a red shirt if red is a rival gym’s color.

All in all it was a pretty fun event. We didn’t get to see any of the gymnasts perform as we were stationed by the awards but it was still fun. Let us know if you are having an event where you need some t-shirts. We can make some great designs for you to sell at the concession stand!

New Neon Glitter Vinyl

Is glitter your favorite color? We’ve always been a big fan of vinyl. It’s very durable and looks great as well. The glitter vinyl has become very popular in the last couple of years more so than rhinestones. Our supplier, Siser, has recently come out with some new neon colors; purple, pink, blue, green, and orange. Take a look at the images below. These really can make a design pop.

1010866_10152465075143706_3423752020445186652_n 10294341_10152465075408706_3987893802699209123_n

Here are all of the new neon glitter colors.

20140628-214604-78364601.jpg 20140628-214604-78364791.jpg 20140628-214604-78364841.jpg 20140628-214604-78364692.jpg 20140628-214604-78364743.jpg

To show you a little as to what can be done with this neon glitter take a look at the design below. We make this design in house and it’s available on our website by clicking on the image.


The neon letters are all cut separately and pressed on the shirt. The rest of the text is cut in silver glitter vinyl. If you haven’t seen glitter in person you definitely want to get something made.

Welcome to Sparkly Tees

Welcome to our new blog. Although the name is new we have been screen printing and decorating apparel for the last four or five years. You can visit our other blog at blog.thetshirtguylv.com. This new blog will specialize in glitter and rhinestones and anything sparkly! We cater to women by offering female cut tees and “girly” designs. Our new blog will keep you up-to-date on the new things in the apparel industry and new items that we make for our clients.

If you run into something you like please let us know. If you need something made, let us know too. 90% of our jobs is all custom work. We make many designs for schools, sports, and family affairs. Running in a 5k? We can make a design for you. Does your son or daughter’s team need some spirit wear? We can help!

Visit our online store at sparklytees.com to see some of our designs. Many of the designs use glitter vinyl. The vinyl looks amazing and wears so well. You can wash it over and over again and it still looks great.