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August PTA Training

What a great time we had at the PTA training event yesterday. We have been exhibiting at the training for the last few years. The great things about going to this event year after year is that people are expecting to see us there. They come ready with questions or have ideas in mind. This year we even took two orders while we were there. We always bring out an arsenal of school t-shirts that we have printed in the past. I love it when people come to the booth and are excited to see their school’s t-shirts up on display. This year we brought a sample of a car window sticker that we are currently working on. We haven’t even showed the final product to our client yet but they spotted it right away and brought their whole team to take a look at it. Everyone was all smiles!

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - tshirt display

t-shirt display

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - t-shirt display

t-shirt display

A new addition to our booth were two vinyl displays that we received from our vinyl vendor, Siser. One was for glitter and one for solid vinyl. Each of their colors were cut and pressed on a large black cloth to show off their color range. People loved seeing all of the colors and as always liked to touch and feel the glitter. After all it’s the first thing someone does when they get a new t-shirt. Is the design rough? or is it a good print? You just need to touch it to tell.

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - garment color books

garment color books

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - vinyl display

glitter and solid vinyl display

We also brought several color charts for various t-shirts. Since we don’t see clients to often before their shirts are ready it’s nice to have sample shirts on display. We brought vendor cards with us that show color swatches of all of their t-shirts. One thing that people don’t understand is that you don’t have to put your design on a 100% cotton heavyweight tee. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from. Although they do cost more but in most cases the extra costs for a better t-shirt is well worth it.

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - window stickers

display and window stickers

We’ll be attending the next PTA convention in April. This convention is a little bigger than the training as it’s a state convention. It’s a great way to talk to potential clients and get the word out.