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We made our first glow in the dark shirt recently. We’ve been wanting to do it for quite a while but never could find the right design for it… Until now!

Last month our Scout troop was headed to summer camp near Williams, Arizona. Being that they would be up in the woods the glow in the dark seemed to be the perfect embellishment.

We designed a shirt similar to the existing Camp Raymond shirt but with some Vegas flair. Using the Welcome to Las Vegas sign we added the words Camp Raymond in glow in the dark vinyl. In daylight it appeared white which really stood out on the kelly green shirt.


Once at camp they were the talk of the Scouts as you could see them coming in pitch black.


If you are looking for something that stands out and you will be wearing the shirts in darkness give glow in the dark a try. If you ever used glow in the dark before let us know how you liked it in our comments. Send us a picture too we love seeing other designs as well.

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