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Have you heard of strip flock or flocking? For something pretty unique try adding flocking to your design. It’s quite the eye catcher but be forewarned…. People like to touch it. Flocking now comes in a variety of colors, from white to green, which is pictured below, and many colors in between. You don’t need to use flocking for your entire design either. Add it to a solid print to show some texture; just enough to give the wow effect.

20140702-171004-61804172.jpg 20140702-171004-61804883.jpg

We made these shirts for a local PTA event here in Vegas. The Nevada PTA wanted something completely different. The next big thing. We offered up flocking and they loved the idea. They picked out the green and we put it on a dark heather gray shirt. They sold them at their PTA training event and they were a hit!

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