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Grand Montecito – Hoodies and more!

It’s always fun to create something new for a local business. Even more so when we go to the business on a regular basis. We always like seeing our shirts around town!

Our new order was for a local veterinarian hospital here in Las Vegas. Since the weather is dropping (ok, not as far as some parts of the country, but 50 is cold here in Las Vegas) it’s time to break out the hoodies. This is a repeat order for us as we made some other shirts for them for their summer company picnic. This new order was for pull over hoodies and some zip-up hoodies. We used a variety of colors, some solid and some glitter. We even customized a few with names.

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Did you know that your whole order doesn’t have to be on the same garment? Not only can you change color and sizes but you can pick different kinds of apparel as well. If you haven’t already been to the styles page take a look. we have thousands of different t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets – not to mention hats and bags! One design can go on a variety of items.

If you are catering to a group of people the easiest thing to do is ask us for an order form for your group. We pick about six of our most popular items and create a custom order form for you. You can distribute it to your group and just collect the orders and payment when they come in. If that seems like too much work, don’t worry, we can put your design up on our online store and you can just tell your group the URL. It’s fast and easy.