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Embroidery? Yes we can!

Over the years we have been asked if we embroider. The answer has always been the same until today. We recently purchased a 12 color commercial embroidery machine. We just started playing around with it. Embroidered a few things so far. We even made a glitter applique like we discussed in a previous blog post. It really is going well. There are a few things that we are excited to move forward with. One being hats. We do a lot of jobs for baseball and softball teams and we finally are able to do everything for them. The hat hoop on the machine will embroider the front and both sides we can then “re-hoop” the hat and do the back giving us all four sides of the hat. We see this as a great item to personalize with your team number. We are even going to try the glitter applique on it and see if we can make some good looking softball hats. Can you ever have too much glitter?

Voyager 12 Color embroidery machine

our newest arrival

So please give us a few weeks to roll out some new designs and ideas and check back here or on our Facebook page for new items that we are rolling out.

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