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We just mocked up this design for a bachelorette party. We don’t have final approval yet but we are hopeful. Our client wanted something with a glittery skull. She came up with the text as well (which is always a bonus for us). Being in Vegas we’ve some crazy bachelorette designs, this one is probably the first you could actually wear after the party.

Bachelorette Party glitter design - 'Till Death Do Us Part


Bachelorette Party glitter design - Team Kelly


One of my favorite things to do with designs is to put a gap between the two glitter colors. This gives the illusion of a three-color design and with the right shirt color it makes the design pop. Being a t-shirt designer I always look for that pop. I want people to see our designs and ask where did they get it. Word of mouth marketing is the best for us. Even this client came from a previous client of ours.

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