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Why I Love Glitter

You can never go wrong with glitter! Glitter is something we specialize in and are passionate about! Here are some fun facts about our glitter:

  • It adds just enough little “umph” to a shirt to stand out and make it a unique shirt
  • It doesn’t come off in the wash!
  • We have a lot of glitter colors to choose from so you can go with “more subtle glitter” or “all out sparkle”
  • We can put almost everything in glitter
  • Silver is our sparkliest glitter color
  • White is our most subtle glitter color
  • Add a name and number to the back of a shirt to get the most surface area of glitter!

How our business is growing

We started this business over 7 years ago by winning a contest.  (If you want to go way back with us click here and you can see where we started). We started with exclusively screen printing and referrals from our friends and jobs from our kids’ teachers.  I remember our first paid job.  I was hooked!  I wanted to make more shirts for more people and enjoy seeing and being able to be a small part of the reasons why people had shirts made.

Since then we’ve made shirts for weddings, funerals, pets, family cruises, lots of businesses, birthdays, jokes, schools, clubs, sports, scouts, and many, many more!  My favorite experience is being out and about and randomly seeing a shirt we made.  The people wearing it don’t know we made it, but it makes me so happy. I’m very proud of the work that we do.

So where are we growing and going now?  As you know, we moved into our first retail location just over a year and business is certainly growing!  We have lots of repeat customers and gained lots of new ones from having this location.  I love hearing how people saw our sign and finally came in to see what we are all about!   Finishing the last quarter of 2017 we are helping schools plan for the spring semester, making holiday custom gifts such as embroidered towels and glitter applique sweatshirts, and also enjoying some holiday time with family and friends!  Stay tuned for what’s next at Sparkly Tees!