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Queen Bee

Here’s a design we are working on. Something fun for all of you that are the Queen Bee! It’s a three color glitter design; silver, gold, and black. I put it on a black background but the shirt color will most likely be something else. I just love using the Siser glitter vinyl.

Queen Bee Design 1


Queen Bee Design 2


How to Master Glitter Transfers

It’s always excited for us when we are contacted for an article. I believe this is our third trade magazine that we have been in. This time for Stitches online small business. Kelley is quickly becoming an industry leader in heat applied graphics specializing in glitter. She enjoys helping others in our industry and always appreciates people asking for her advice.

Stitches Small Business - August 2014

August 2014

Read the article below or click on over to the stitches website to find out how you to can master glitter transfers!
Stitches Small Business - How to Master Glitter Transfers - August 2014

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