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August PTA Training

What a great time we had at the PTA training event yesterday. We have been exhibiting at the training for the last few years. The great things about going to this event year after year is that people are expecting to see us there. They come ready with questions or have ideas in mind. This year we even took two orders while we were there. We always bring out an arsenal of school t-shirts that we have printed in the past. I love it when people come to the booth and are excited to see their school’s t-shirts up on display. This year we brought a sample of a car window sticker that we are currently working on. We haven’t even showed the final product to our client yet but they spotted it right away and brought their whole team to take a look at it. Everyone was all smiles!

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - tshirt display

t-shirt display

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - t-shirt display

t-shirt display

A new addition to our booth were two vinyl displays that we received from our vinyl vendor, Siser. One was for glitter and one for solid vinyl. Each of their colors were cut and pressed on a large black cloth to show off their color range. People loved seeing all of the colors and as always liked to touch and feel the glitter. After all it’s the first thing someone does when they get a new t-shirt. Is the design rough? or is it a good print? You just need to touch it to tell.

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - garment color books

garment color books

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - vinyl display

glitter and solid vinyl display

We also brought several color charts for various t-shirts. Since we don’t see clients to often before their shirts are ready it’s nice to have sample shirts on display. We brought vendor cards with us that show color swatches of all of their t-shirts. One thing that people don’t understand is that you don’t have to put your design on a 100% cotton heavyweight tee. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from. Although they do cost more but in most cases the extra costs for a better t-shirt is well worth it.

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - window stickers

display and window stickers

We’ll be attending the next PTA convention in April. This convention is a little bigger than the training as it’s a state convention. It’s a great way to talk to potential clients and get the word out.

You gotta love vinyl!

Over the last couple of years vinyl has been gaining popularity. It used to be only used for back names and numbers on sports t-shirts and jerseys. Now we can create full designs in an array of colors. Another great thing about vinyl is the ability to do small runs. Typical screen printing is quite the process and usually requires larger numbers. With vinyl we can create a design and cut just one if we wanted to. Here’s a design we did for a small group of girls this summer.

Girlfriends - Summer 2014


This design was created with all glitter vinyl. Glitter is our favorite. It sparkles and shines better than anything we’ve ever worked with. The wear on vinyl is fantastic as well. You can wash it and wash it over and over again and it still looks great.

Ladies Football Jersey

With football season quickly approaching it’s time to show off some team pride. These great ladies football jerseys are new from Sport-Tek and come in ten different colors. There are so many different kinds of garments nowadays there just isn’t a reason to always go with a 100% cotton unisex tee. These jerseys will be great in high schools or football moms. We are even looking at bringing these into sports bars for the waitresses. It’s really limited to your imagination.

Arbor View Aggies ladies football jersey


ladies jersey - seniors 15


Car Window Stickers

We’ve been pretty busy today making car window stickers for a local elementary school here in Las Vegas. Car stickers are a great way to be noticed and get the word out without a huge expense. These customized stickers are cut on our vinyl plotter very similar to how we put a vinyl design on a t-shirt. The excess is then weeded off and placed on a backing so that it can be applied to a car.

RHB Elementary School - Car Window Stickers

RHB Elementary School – Car Window Stickers

This particular order calls for 300 stickers to be produced. We are making them out of white vinyl but there are many other colors available including glitter colors.

Master Decorator – Kelley Waltz

The Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS) was held here in Las Vegas on August 3-5, 2014. Kelley was fortunate enough to attend some of the classes offered and earned her Master Decorator Certificate. She gained more knowledge by taking Basic Art Production 2.0 and Sublimation 2.0. We plan to start offering sublimation printing in the next few months. This will allow us to offer printing for running shirts. This process allows for full color designs with a very light print, perfect for running apparel.

She also took Embroidery Basics 2.0. You guessed it, embroidery is in our near future. We have our eye on a 12 needle single head commercial embroidery machine. In addition to embroidering garments we will be able to embroider bags and hats too. I’m pretty excited about the hat embroidery. We will be able to embroider the front and back of the hat as well as both sides.

The last class she attended was Heat Printing 101. Here she brushed up on her heat applied vinyl processes although this is our cup of tea. As you can see by browsing our site and store we really do a lot with glitter vinyl and other specialty vinyl.

Master Decorator Certificate_2014 - Kelley Waltz

Don’t compromise when it comes to getting your custom apparel. Only use Master Decorators. Just don’t settle for less.

She said yes!

It’s always fun to be a part of something special. We received a call from a soon-to-be husband. He wanted a shirt for his bride and new step son. He saw all of the rhinestone and glitter designs on our site and thought that something like that would be a perfect surprise. We were able to make a rhinestone tee for his new wife that read “Engaged”. Of course for his new son rhinestones just won’t do. We showed him some of the new vinyl like this holographic one. It’s perfect for his son. It’s shiny but masculine, heck, I even have worn shirts with his vinyl on it (and I don’t do sparkly).

rhinestone engaged t-shirt design


Mom said yes vinyl tee - holographic vinyl


The shirts came out real well and our client was very happy, and more importantly, so was his fiancé.

Bachelorette Party

We just mocked up this design for a bachelorette party. We don’t have final approval yet but we are hopeful. Our client wanted something with a glittery skull. She came up with the text as well (which is always a bonus for us). Being in Vegas we’ve some crazy bachelorette designs, this one is probably the first you could actually wear after the party.

Bachelorette Party glitter design - 'Till Death Do Us Part


Bachelorette Party glitter design - Team Kelly


One of my favorite things to do with designs is to put a gap between the two glitter colors. This gives the illusion of a three-color design and with the right shirt color it makes the design pop. Being a t-shirt designer I always look for that pop. I want people to see our designs and ask where did they get it. Word of mouth marketing is the best for us. Even this client came from a previous client of ours.