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Skool Bandz

We met Tony from skool bandz at a PTA training event here in Las Vegas. We both had a booth and displayed our products. We’ve been happy with events such as this one as all of the vendors are very friendly to each other. Everyone is always open and willing to help each other whether that be at the event or even afterwards. Once Tony saw some of the glitter shirts we made for schools in our area he knew he wanted a few for his own company.

skool bandz glitter design


skool bandz glitter t-shirt


Tony sent us his logo and at first it was a bit overwhelming. There was a lot of detail in it. Screen printing the design would have been a breeze as we can get finer detail to show up however Tony wanted glitter. Glitter comes in vinyl rolls which is cut on our plotter. The excess material is then pulled off in a method known as weeding. You are left with a mirror image of your design which is then flipped over and heat pressed onto a garment; t-shirt, sweatshirt, tote bags, onsies (yes even baby onsies). Since the vinyl is cut you can’t get too thin of a line and besides that if it’s too thin you can’t see the glitter as well. So what we did for Tony is grabbed a portion of his logo and used that for the t-shirt. His design was distressed so it gave a pretty cool look when it was done.
Since making shirts for skool bandz we have seen them at another PTA event wearing our shirts. It always brings a smile to our faces when we see shirts that we’ve made for people around town.

YoungLives camp shirts

It always feels good when you make a design that the client just loves. We took our common Vegas sign and made it sparkle. YoungLives is a great program for teen moms. One of our local groups took their girls to a week long summer camp and of course they needed shirts! Since this event was just for young women we decided to spruce up the design and make it using all glitter. The royal blue on the light blue really made it look good and they girls really liked the design.

Young Lives glitter t-shirt mockup


Spring Valley Baptist Church

Here’s a design we did for Spring Valley Baptist Church ladies bible study group here in Vegas. With this design you can see that the font really makes the shirt, after all, it’s all text. We found a gothic looking font and mocked up the shirt. The goal was to do everything in glitter but we decided to change that for two reasons. The first of which is the size of the text. Glitter is a little thicker than regular vinyl. It’s harder to weed and what happens if it’s too small is that it starts to pull up. If the letters pull up then they really don’t stick back down. The other reason to do it in a mix is to show off certain words. You can see that “Spring Valley” really stands out and also “God’s” and “Christ Jesus” on the back.

Spring Valley Baptist Church - front


Spring Valley Baptist Church, 1 Thessalonians 5:18 - back


We’ve thought about selling something similar to this design to other churches. Although this tee uses the bible verse 1 Thessalonians 5:18 people could customize it with their own favorite verse.

Glow in the Dark

We made our first glow in the dark shirt recently. We’ve been wanting to do it for quite a while but never could find the right design for it… Until now!

Last month our Scout troop was headed to summer camp near Williams, Arizona. Being that they would be up in the woods the glow in the dark seemed to be the perfect embellishment.

We designed a shirt similar to the existing Camp Raymond shirt but with some Vegas flair. Using the Welcome to Las Vegas sign we added the words Camp Raymond in glow in the dark vinyl. In daylight it appeared white which really stood out on the kelly green shirt.


Once at camp they were the talk of the Scouts as you could see them coming in pitch black.


If you are looking for something that stands out and you will be wearing the shirts in darkness give glow in the dark a try. If you ever used glow in the dark before let us know how you liked it in our comments. Send us a picture too we love seeing other designs as well.

Gymnastics Meet

We were invited to have a booth at the Vitaly Scherbo Invitational, a gymnastics meet here in Vegas. We have sold at other events before but this would be our first gymnastics meet. We decided to bring our industrial heat press and use our glitter vinyl and press them on the shirt while the customer waits. We created eight designs and precut each design prior to the event. Customers selected their design and their shirt, which we had in several different colors.

Gymnastics meet 1011099_10152227514688706_317858269_n

Another great way we displayed our designs are with mannequins. We brought the whole family to the event and had shirts on all of them!

Got Chalk? By far our most popular was the Got Chalk design. A gymnastics take on Got Chalk was just what the crowd wanted. We also created some “gymnastics mom” shirts which were a hit as well.

One thing that we are going to do next year is make sure we have shirts that match each gym’s colors. Gymnasts are not too keen on a red shirt if red is a rival gym’s color.

All in all it was a pretty fun event. We didn’t get to see any of the gymnasts perform as we were stationed by the awards but it was still fun. Let us know if you are having an event where you need some t-shirts. We can make some great designs for you to sell at the concession stand!

Strip Flock

Have you heard of strip flock or flocking? For something pretty unique try adding flocking to your design. It’s quite the eye catcher but be forewarned…. People like to touch it. Flocking now comes in a variety of colors, from white to green, which is pictured below, and many colors in between. You don’t need to use flocking for your entire design either. Add it to a solid print to show some texture; just enough to give the wow effect.

20140702-171004-61804172.jpg 20140702-171004-61804883.jpg

We made these shirts for a local PTA event here in Vegas. The Nevada PTA wanted something completely different. The next big thing. We offered up flocking and they loved the idea. They picked out the green and we put it on a dark heather gray shirt. They sold them at their PTA training event and they were a hit!