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New Neon Glitter Vinyl

Is glitter your favorite color? We’ve always been a big fan of vinyl. It’s very durable and looks great as well. The glitter vinyl has become very popular in the last couple of years more so than rhinestones. Our supplier, Siser, has recently come out with some new neon colors; purple, pink, blue, green, and orange. Take a look at the images below. These really can make a design pop.

1010866_10152465075143706_3423752020445186652_n 10294341_10152465075408706_3987893802699209123_n

Here are all of the new neon glitter colors.

20140628-214604-78364601.jpg 20140628-214604-78364791.jpg 20140628-214604-78364841.jpg 20140628-214604-78364692.jpg 20140628-214604-78364743.jpg

To show you a little as to what can be done with this neon glitter take a look at the design below. We make this design in house and it’s available on our website by clicking on the image.


The neon letters are all cut separately and pressed on the shirt. The rest of the text is cut in silver glitter vinyl. If you haven’t seen glitter in person you definitely want to get something made.

Welcome to Sparkly Tees

Welcome to our new blog. Although the name is new we have been screen printing and decorating apparel for the last four or five years. You can visit our other blog at This new blog will specialize in glitter and rhinestones and anything sparkly! We cater to women by offering female cut tees and “girly” designs. Our new blog will keep you up-to-date on the new things in the apparel industry and new items that we make for our clients.

If you run into something you like please let us know. If you need something made, let us know too. 90% of our jobs is all custom work. We make many designs for schools, sports, and family affairs. Running in a 5k? We can make a design for you. Does your son or daughter’s team need some spirit wear? We can help!

Visit our online store at to see some of our designs. Many of the designs use glitter vinyl. The vinyl looks amazing and wears so well. You can wash it over and over again and it still looks great.