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Why I Love Glitter

You can never go wrong with glitter! Glitter is something we specialize in and are passionate about! Here are some fun facts about our glitter:

  • It adds just enough little “umph” to a shirt to stand out and make it a unique shirt
  • It doesn’t come off in the wash!
  • We have a lot of glitter colors to choose from so you can go with “more subtle glitter” or “all out sparkle”
  • We can put almost everything in glitter
  • Silver is our sparkliest glitter color
  • White is our most subtle glitter color
  • Add a name and number to the back of a shirt to get the most surface area of glitter!

How our business is growing

We started this business over 7 years ago by winning a contest.  (If you want to go way back with us click here and you can see where we started). We started with exclusively screen printing and referrals from our friends and jobs from our kids’ teachers.  I remember our first paid job.  I was hooked!  I wanted to make more shirts for more people and enjoy seeing and being able to be a small part of the reasons why people had shirts made.

Since then we’ve made shirts for weddings, funerals, pets, family cruises, lots of businesses, birthdays, jokes, schools, clubs, sports, scouts, and many, many more!  My favorite experience is being out and about and randomly seeing a shirt we made.  The people wearing it don’t know we made it, but it makes me so happy. I’m very proud of the work that we do.

So where are we growing and going now?  As you know, we moved into our first retail location just over a year and business is certainly growing!  We have lots of repeat customers and gained lots of new ones from having this location.  I love hearing how people saw our sign and finally came in to see what we are all about!   Finishing the last quarter of 2017 we are helping schools plan for the spring semester, making holiday custom gifts such as embroidered towels and glitter applique sweatshirts, and also enjoying some holiday time with family and friends!  Stay tuned for what’s next at Sparkly Tees!




Our First Anniversary in the Store Front

Cheers to another year!

We celebrated our first anniversary of being in the store front on September 23, 2017! While our “official” one year was on 9/17, we wanted to throw a party to celebrate a job well done for the past year. We had champagne and cake and the best part…a clothing drive for Safe Nest! Safe Nest is a local charity here in Las Vegas that helps prevent and protect victims of domestic abuse. Our community has done so much in helping us get settled in the store, we wanted to give back. We were able to donate so many items thanks to our awesome friends and customers!

While part of the fun was planning it, the actual party was a blast! We felt great being able to give back, we saw friends who stopped by for cake, hosted a raffle for custom items, and really get to spend time to know some of our customers.

We are so excited to start on another year at Sparkly Tees and make some awesome shirts! We’ve already kicked this year off right by making tons of glitter shirts! Always check out our Facebook to see what new things we’ve been up to.

A big thanks to everyone who was able to donate to Safe Nest! We could not have done this without you!

New Retail Location, New Momentum

We moved into our first retail location and had our grand opening September 17!  As I write this I can hardly believe it has been almost two months since we opened.  We were really busy between the remodeling of the store, the grand opening, and keeping up with orders.  We have embraced our busy schedule and are getting our feet under us now.  Trying to keep up with the blog has been challenging although I think about writing here a lot.  I think we have a lot to share and I will try to do so.

Here are a few pics from the grand opening!




Work Shirt Ideas

When you think of getting work shirts made for your company, remember that they can be fun! We just made some really neat work jackets for the Pediatric ER at Summerlin Hospital.

We made these jackets colorful and fun while still professional. They still include the Pediatric ER logo (the panda on the front). These are zip up black running jackets with gray zippers and pockets. The jackets are a great alternative for t-shirts. Your employees would certainly stand out in one of these jackets with your business logo on the back.


12400836_10153975425473706_306379835027809850_n12508820_10153975425523706_7142835862246770673_n 12509059_10153975425543706_336598463182012272_n


We also did some shirts for Cadwallader Middle School. These are work shirts for the ladies who run the front office of the school. We made them sparkly and in the school’s colors. We put them on some J America lace tees. I mentioned in my last post that these lace tees are comfortable and super cute! They come with interchangeable laces that you can get in a variety of different colors. On this shirt we put two laces in.


12366229_10153975425388706_4490134627450898185_n 12540641_10153975425428706_6313516554442589589_n


Check out our store for more ideas for work shirts. We can put any logo on a shirt so you aren’t limited. Also remember that you don’t have to get regular cotton t-shirts. We have the track jackets, the lace tees, soft V-necks, and polo shirts. We also do embroidery if you want your business logo embroidered on a polo shirt. Email us at and we can help you come up with shirts that you and all your employees will love!

The Imprinted Sportswear Show January 2016 #IssLongBeach

The attendance at the #IssLongBeach was record breaking! And we had a great time! Here are some highlights.

Kelley was quoted by Stahls' about why she uses their company.

Kelley was quoted by Stahls‘ about why she uses their company.

The finished Transfer Express Long Beach shirt made by Kelley

The finished Transfer Express Long Beach shirt made by Kelley

A fun, new style from Augusta Sportswear.

A fun, new style from Augusta Sportswear.

Kelley refreshing her skills on the Transfer Express pre-made transfers.

Kelley refreshing her skills on the Transfer Express pre-made transfers.

A new elbow patch style from Boxercraft.

A new elbow patch style from Boxercraft.

Beginning of January Wrap Up

We had a pretty busy holiday but we were able to get some awesome shirts done!


We did some Leavitt Middle School cheer shirts and of course we had to make them sparkly!

6033_10153956808148706_2209590061400621021_n 10291863_10153956808048706_3550064255566323331_n 10366076_10153956808088706_2835067377577678287_n 10405562_10153956808118706_6812839367987745883_n


If you’re looking for something fun for your school sports group, check out the designs we have in our store. You want your team to stand out with their sparkly sports shirts. We also love to make sports Mom shirts! If you’re a cheer mom, let us know, we can help design the perfect shirt for you to wear. Just contact us at


This week we also worked on a Glitter is my favorite color shirt. We love glitter! You can show off your sparkly sense of style with one of these shirts!



Check out this Bombers softball shirt we did as well! We love using lace shirts since they are so comfortable! If you’re looking for a neat shirt that no one else has, I suggest going with the J America lace tees or hoodies. They have interchangeable laces as well so you can choose from a variety of different colors. I have a lace hoodie that I love to wear everyday.




Make sure to check out our store and if you want to order some shirts, email us at and we can get you a quote!

Billboard Tees-The New Trend

You’ve seen it–the girls walking around in yoga pants and this oversized jersey shirt with a name stretched out on the back. And of course you want one! I want one, they’re really cute. And being a college student, I see them a lot. The good news is, Sparkly Tees is here to help! We can put whatever you want on the back of the billboard tee. We like to put school names on the back of the shirts because we work so closely with the Clark County School District (CCSD).


Here we have a Shadow Ridge High School billboard tee with “Shadow Ridge Mustangs” written in silver glitter vinyl.



This one is a Centennial High School billboard tee. Bulldogs are their mascot. We also included a breast cancer awareness ribbon because we made these pink billboard tees in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.



Here we have a close up of the Arbor View High School logo featured on the front of the Billboard Tee.



And here are the backs of the Arbor View High School shirt and Desert Oasis High School shirt!




Now you don’t have to go with solid pink. We just made a lot of solid pink billboard tees in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. When I was going through inventory, I came across some red sheer billboard tees with a hood. Now those shirts were really cool. And we can put anything on the back. Not part of a school? We could put your company name on the back. Or just your name!


You can check out the billboard tees we have in our store and you can email us at so we can get your order rolling! Don’t worry if your school isn’t on our store. We do custom orders!




Embroidered Stuffed Animals

One of my favorite things we do at Sparkly Tees is embroider stuffed animals! The ones that we have are so cute, everyone will want one! Embroidered stuffed animals are a great keepsake!

We have a couple different stuffed animals to choose from and here is a sample of what they look like before they are embroidered:

0011607_embroiderable-penguin_220 0011643_embroiderable-santa-bear_220 0011644_embroiderable-reindeer_220


And after we personalize the stuffed animals, this is what they look like:



There are a lot of fun things we can put on the stuffed animals. We made these ones for a friend of ours with three kids. On the bear we embroidered the child’s “stats” (i.e., birthdate, weight, and height). On the ladybug and the dog we embroidered their names.  Of course these don’t always have to be for little kids. These would make great graduation presents, wedding gifts, birthday presents, and special gifts to commemorate occasions.

You can check out our store and see the different stuffed animals we can embroider on. Email us at so we can set up your order. And if you’re not sure what to embroider on the stuffed animal…ask us! We have tons of ideas you may not have thought of. If you have an idea we can help narrow it down and get you exactly what you want!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We’ve been kept busy with the holidays and we love it!

Making and sending out sparkly shirts is just our own way of spreading holiday cheer! We appreciate your business and we certainly couldn’t do what we do without it! And we love what we do! We are looking forward to the new year and what exciting things it will bring for us.

We will bring exciting new ideas for our customers and continue to strive to gain your business! Thanks for trusting us with your #SparklyTees!

From our family to yours,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!