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Grand Montecito – Hoodies and more!

It’s always fun to create something new for a local business. Even more so when we go to the business on a regular basis. We always like seeing our shirts around town!

Our new order was for a local veterinarian hospital here in Las Vegas. Since the weather is dropping (ok, not as far as some parts of the country, but 50 is cold here in Las Vegas) it’s time to break out the hoodies. This is a repeat order for us as we made some other shirts for them for their summer company picnic. This new order was for pull over hoodies and some zip-up hoodies. We used a variety of colors, some solid and some glitter. We even customized a few with names.

12376803_10153907138188706_4059990771738435216_n 12360344_10153907138098706_6410928374573253280_n
12368999_10153907138178706_3272210868630416132_n 12375984_10153907138118706_4290127892578394877_n


Did you know that your whole order doesn’t have to be on the same garment? Not only can you change color and sizes but you can pick different kinds of apparel as well. If you haven’t already been to the styles page take a look. we have thousands of different t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets – not to mention hats and bags! One design can go on a variety of items.

If you are catering to a group of people the easiest thing to do is ask us for an order form for your group. We pick about six of our most popular items and create a custom order form for you. You can distribute it to your group and just collect the orders and payment when they come in. If that seems like too much work, don’t worry, we can put your design up on our online store and you can just tell your group the URL. It’s fast and easy.

More Embroidery

Well we’ve had our embroidery machine for a few months now. We embroidered some jackets with a pocket design, some ball caps, and the bomber jacket below.

embroidered bomber jacket - 150,000 stitches

150,000 stiches!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying go big or go home. We went big! This particular design features 150,000 stitches. It took nearly four hours to embroider. Of course we didn’t watch it the whole time but it’s pretty hard not to stare at it while it’s going.
Our customer supplied the jacket and a jpg of the design. We digitized it to a file that the embroidery machine can handle and then hit start. Our customer was extremely happy and has told us that he wears it all of the time.

Embroidery? Yes we can!

Over the years we have been asked if we embroider. The answer has always been the same until today. We recently purchased a 12 color commercial embroidery machine. We just started playing around with it. Embroidered a few things so far. We even made a glitter applique like we discussed in a previous blog post. It really is going well. There are a few things that we are excited to move forward with. One being hats. We do a lot of jobs for baseball and softball teams and we finally are able to do everything for them. The hat hoop on the machine will embroider the front and both sides we can then “re-hoop” the hat and do the back giving us all four sides of the hat. We see this as a great item to personalize with your team number. We are even going to try the glitter applique on it and see if we can make some good looking softball hats. Can you ever have too much glitter?

Voyager 12 Color embroidery machine

our newest arrival

So please give us a few weeks to roll out some new designs and ideas and check back here or on our Facebook page for new items that we are rolling out.

Glitter and Embroidery Applique

We recently attended the SGIA show in Las Vegas. This is a big convention for specialty graphics. In addition to screen printing and vinyl the show offers many seminars and booths for banner printing, cut-outs, garments, cup printing, if it has to do with printing it was there. Perhaps one of the coolest things I saw at the show (in our realm of possibilities) was an applique. The typical form of applique is embroidery with patterned fabric. While talking to the saleswoman at the Stahls booth she showed us an applique that uses glitter vinyl instead of the fabric. If I said it “popped” that would be an understatement. I know my pictures from my iPhone aren’t the greatest but it does give you an idea of what you can do with glitter and embroidery.

Glitter with Embroidery

Glitter with Embroidery

At the booth you could see many different forms of apparel decoration but what caught my eye was a letterman’s jacket with the glitter and embroidery applique. Take a look at the pictures below. A little blurry I know, but I wanted to show you how cool it was.

Ravens - girl's lettermans jacket

back of jacket

Ravens - Embroidery with Glitter (close up)

close up

Now picture this same thing on a sweatshirt. Perhaps with your school name or initials? How about those sports moms out there? I’m sure we can put your team name on a sweatshirt or jacket!

National Nurses 5K and Conference

On October 9th and 10th the National Nurses 5K and conference is coming to town. Sparkly Tees has a booth at the conference and the finish line and we will be displaying (and selling) four new nurses designs and some race designs too! This annual event is the only combination conference and race dedicated to motivating health professionals and their communities across America, and around the world. The conference is downtown at the D hotel and the race is at Red Rock.

We decided to bring a little glitter and bling to this event. We love bringing our sparkly tees to events such as this and are looking forward to helping these nurses shine with some new glitter tees.

National Nurses 5K and conference - Nursing Heartbeat Tee

Nursing Heartbeat Tee

National Nurses 5K and conference - Nurse Superpower Tee

Nurse Superpower Tee

National Nurses 5K and conference - RN Tee

RN Tee

National Nurses 5K and conference - Heartbeat Nurse Tee

Heartbeat Nurse Tee

If you can’t make the event be sure to take a look at our online store to grab some of these one-of-a-kind designs.

Queen Bee

Here’s a design we are working on. Something fun for all of you that are the Queen Bee! It’s a three color glitter design; silver, gold, and black. I put it on a black background but the shirt color will most likely be something else. I just love using the Siser glitter vinyl.

Queen Bee Design 1


Queen Bee Design 2


How to Master Glitter Transfers

It’s always excited for us when we are contacted for an article. I believe this is our third trade magazine that we have been in. This time for Stitches online small business. Kelley is quickly becoming an industry leader in heat applied graphics specializing in glitter. She enjoys helping others in our industry and always appreciates people asking for her advice.

Stitches Small Business - August 2014

August 2014

Read the article below or click on over to the stitches website to find out how you to can master glitter transfers!
Stitches Small Business - How to Master Glitter Transfers - August 2014

online article

August PTA Training

What a great time we had at the PTA training event yesterday. We have been exhibiting at the training for the last few years. The great things about going to this event year after year is that people are expecting to see us there. They come ready with questions or have ideas in mind. This year we even took two orders while we were there. We always bring out an arsenal of school t-shirts that we have printed in the past. I love it when people come to the booth and are excited to see their school’s t-shirts up on display. This year we brought a sample of a car window sticker that we are currently working on. We haven’t even showed the final product to our client yet but they spotted it right away and brought their whole team to take a look at it. Everyone was all smiles!

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - tshirt display

t-shirt display

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - t-shirt display

t-shirt display

A new addition to our booth were two vinyl displays that we received from our vinyl vendor, Siser. One was for glitter and one for solid vinyl. Each of their colors were cut and pressed on a large black cloth to show off their color range. People loved seeing all of the colors and as always liked to touch and feel the glitter. After all it’s the first thing someone does when they get a new t-shirt. Is the design rough? or is it a good print? You just need to touch it to tell.

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - garment color books

garment color books

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - vinyl display

glitter and solid vinyl display

We also brought several color charts for various t-shirts. Since we don’t see clients to often before their shirts are ready it’s nice to have sample shirts on display. We brought vendor cards with us that show color swatches of all of their t-shirts. One thing that people don’t understand is that you don’t have to put your design on a 100% cotton heavyweight tee. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from. Although they do cost more but in most cases the extra costs for a better t-shirt is well worth it.

PTA Training - Sparkly Tees Booth - window stickers

display and window stickers

We’ll be attending the next PTA convention in April. This convention is a little bigger than the training as it’s a state convention. It’s a great way to talk to potential clients and get the word out.

You gotta love vinyl!

Over the last couple of years vinyl has been gaining popularity. It used to be only used for back names and numbers on sports t-shirts and jerseys. Now we can create full designs in an array of colors. Another great thing about vinyl is the ability to do small runs. Typical screen printing is quite the process and usually requires larger numbers. With vinyl we can create a design and cut just one if we wanted to. Here’s a design we did for a small group of girls this summer.

Girlfriends - Summer 2014


This design was created with all glitter vinyl. Glitter is our favorite. It sparkles and shines better than anything we’ve ever worked with. The wear on vinyl is fantastic as well. You can wash it and wash it over and over again and it still looks great.

Ladies Football Jersey

With football season quickly approaching it’s time to show off some team pride. These great ladies football jerseys are new from Sport-Tek and come in ten different colors. There are so many different kinds of garments nowadays there just isn’t a reason to always go with a 100% cotton unisex tee. These jerseys will be great in high schools or football moms. We are even looking at bringing these into sports bars for the waitresses. It’s really limited to your imagination.

Arbor View Aggies ladies football jersey


ladies jersey - seniors 15